Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mercy is 4 months old!

Oh my what a cutie!!

I put her in my favorite dress today.  ::squeeze::

 {Streeeeetching to reach a toy just out of reach}

 {Big sister Tirzah coming to talk}

Here are a few more pictures from a couple days ago:

 {This is a blanket I started before she was born, but I haven't gotten to finish yet.  It is SO soft.  I love it.}

 {More fun with the bonnet}

At 4 months, Mercy:
~slept over 8 hours straight a couple nights ago!  In her own bed!
~is working hard on rolling over
~puts everything into her mouth
~is quiet and calm most of the time
~blows raspberries
~still exclusively breastfeeds
~wears one-size cloth diapers most of the time (on the smallest setting)
~wears size 2 disposables...but they are getting small.  When I run out, I will buy 3's.
~wears size 3-6 month clothes (with a couple 6-9 month things)
~tries to get her feet into her mouth
~reaches for toys
~can grab and hang on to a toy, and put it into her mouth
~loves to pull hair (especially mine and Eden's)...I thought it was just a coincidence, but she is purposefully reaching for our hair!
~still spits up frequently, though some days are always better than others, she seems to be spitting up just as much as ever
~does not take medicine for reflux (since she is already "happy")
~has lost a lot of her dark hair, all that is left is a patch running around the bottom/back of her head and a little bit up top, barely enough to comb over
~is not totally bald, though, she has a covering of fine, lighter colored hair
~loves to stand on our laps
~just discovered "peekaboo" and loves it
~knows her name, and will turn and smile
~looks for her siblings when they are not around, and calms down when they come home
~doesn't tolerate the heat CRABBY when the temp gets above 80 in our house (currently at 85 WITH the a/c running full time, and she has a heat rash, poor baby).
~sees the doctor next week for round two of immunizations and to see how big she has gotten
~is too big for the Bumbo seat!!  It was seriously funny trying to squeeze her little fat legs in there.  :)  

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