Monday, July 01, 2013


Well, I'm a little behind again.  The best way to handle this is to clean off my camera card and share our life in pictures...

On Father's Day we went to church, and later in the afternoon Mitch took all the kids (except Mercy) on a long bike ride.  There was a rain storm that passed just to the south of us (as you can see in the picture).  All we got was a few raindrops!

As of June 25, we still didn't have anything growing in our garden.  :(  It is looking better now, but we had to buy plants.  I'll do a seperate garden update later.

It is nice having Dad home more right now.  He is working on starting a business this summer, but he also has more time for fun projects.  One morning he let me sleep in and this is how he kept everyone quiet:

I started some tomatoes and peppers from seeds, but I started them about a month too late:

Caleb's still got it...

Four of our kids went to VBS last week.  Grandma and Grandpa kept the baby for me while we dropped them off, and Mitch and I took Obi to the splash pad all by himself.  He had a blast!

As June whittled away, I pulled down our calendar and moved up all the dates and appointments. 

We have some exciting things coming up...Kathi is coming on July 20th!  WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

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