Saturday, August 03, 2013

Camping Day 1

We had a lull in activities here, so we decided to plan a few days away.  We chose Whitewater State Park, where we camped six years ago with friends (when Malachi was a baby).  The area is beautiful (a really close version of the rolling hills of home), and the park boasts of a lack of mosquitos.

Day 1 (Saturday) we loaded up all our gear and headed out.  We recently purchased a trailer from a friend, so this was our first ever opportunity to actually take bikes along with us.  I wish I had gotten a picture before we pulled out.  We were leaving about two hours later than I had wanted to, which would mean we were late for lunch.  To the kids' delight, we picked up pizza on the way out of town and ate in the van.

There was only a 20% chance of rain, so we really didn't waterproof anything we loaded on the trailer.  Unfortunately, in Maple Grove we picked up a small band of rain, and it continued following us the entire way south--2 more hours.  We were in disbelief, and our stuff was soaked.  Not all was lost, though.  That night we didn't actually go to the park, but "camped" at Karen & Marc's. The rain broke after we got to their house (of course!) and we enjoyed going to the park...I had to go to the grocery store to pick up ice and some things I forgot (shampoo!)...tacos in a bag for supper were a HUGE hit...and we enjoyed spending the cold night indoors instead of out.  I personally enjoyed getting familiar with my camera, playing around with lighting and exposure, and practicing using my meter in manual mode.

 {Mitch, Obi}


 {Steph, Malachi}

 {Tirzah, Mitch}

 {Eden, Josh}





 {Caleb, Josh}



 {Karen, Mercy...this is where I realized I forgot to bring a coat/warmer clothes for Mercy...shame!}


I thought this looked like a perfect place for a family picture...there were enough "ledges" for each person in our family.  Unfortunately not only was there too much back light, but my younger subjects wouldn't stop playing for long enough to take a pic!

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