Saturday, August 03, 2013

Camping Day 3

Monday was our first day to just relax and enjoy vacation.  This is why you should never go camping for only 2 days.  You must go at least for 3 days (2 nights).  Even so, a lot of time is spent cooking and then cleaning up from eating. 

I had not slept well at all the night before.  It was very cold--47 F--and I was miserable.  I shared an air mattress with Mercy and Obadiah.  Poor Obi woke up in the middle of the night and cried, "I wanna go in the house.  I don't like camping."  :(  I think Mercy was warm enough, but I wasn't.  Whatever side I laid on eventually went numb with cold against the air mattress.  My air mattress kept losing air, too.  It is one of those double-high ones, and by morning I was folded up like a hot dog in a bun, with Obi and Mercy tight against me.  I had to ask Mitch to help me get out.  I wasn't happy and had very little sleep.  Thankfully a warm shower to thaw out my frozen fingers and toes turned my frown upside down.  Oh, and a Pepsi sure did help, too.  :)

 I loved the image of the dew evaporating off our tent. The sun came up and warmed up our camp rapidly.  This is exactly how our weather was 6 years ago too.  This is part of why there are no mosquitoes.  Sunday had been sunny but very windy.  Monday the wind died down and the weather was pleasant, and both Monday and Tuesday nights were perfect--not too cold.  Unfortunately, as we would learn later, this calm, warm weather allowed mosquitoes to invade.  We didn't have many, but it was more than "none".

 We borrowed GPS units from the visitor center and headed out to find the cache stored in the park.  It was our first time hunting, and we had a blast.  This particular cache had 3 steps to it--the first 2 steps gave coordinates to the next step.  It turned out that we were lead along a guided trail.  At the trail head were brochures to pick up.  Along the trail were numbered posts, and we could read from the brochure at each number.  We learned that the area where we were standing used to be a golf course 80 years ago.  Now there are huge, beautiful walnut trees surrounding it.

 Found the cache box and signed our names!  The park left bird cards in the box for the hunters to find.  More school--score!

 Later in the afternoon we chilled in the shade.  I had fun with my camera again in the perfect lighting.

 The kids swiped my book I am reading--"How to Talk so Teens Will Listen & Listen so Teens Will Talk".  I laughed at them (they were reading the comics inside).  Eden said, "Mom, I don't think these will work."  LOL 
 I asked Josh if he was learning how to talk to Eden and Micah.  :)

Later Mitch and I took some of the kids on a bike ride.  It was my first time on a bike in well over 10 years (maybe closer to 14).  I used muscles I didn't know I had!  LOL  We rode to the beach (without swimsuits) and let the kids wade in the cold river water.

Later that night after supper was cleaned up several of us went on a walk.  There were many bats out and we were fascinated.  We stopped at the beach house for a kid to go potty, and while we waited a bat fell from the ceiling to the floor.  Mitch cautiously approached it and extended a twig for it to crawl onto.  I didn't get any pictures because it was dark, but Eden got some video using her ipod.  It was SOOOOO cool to see a bat up close (and yes, we were being VERY careful because we said over and over again, "Rabies shots are not worth it!").  We thought it might fly away, but it never did.  Eventually we put it into a tree and it crawled up into the branches.  The next day we stopped by the tree to check on it and it was still there.  We reported it and pointed it out to a ranger. 

On our way back to camp we also saw a deer.  Racoons visited our camp during the night, but left disappointed.  :)

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