Saturday, August 03, 2013

Camping Day 4

On Tuesday we hoped to get in some fishing and hiking...the weather was overcast.  While at times I was a bit chilled, it was never too hot.  It was a blessing to those in our group who sunburn easily.  No chance of that on this day! 

We headed into St. Charles to a park with a stocked pond.  I don't think they caught anything there, either, but some boys fishing by the shore pulled in a couple of tiny fish.

After fishing, the kiddos (including Micah and Kathi) took on a game of frisbee golf. 

Then we drove to the other side of the park to Elba, MN to take on the fire tower.  At the bottom of the "hill" we fueled up with sandwiches.  Last time we were here, I made it about 1/4th of the way up the hill.  This time I went all the way to the top (about 600 steps?), but that was it.  I was NOT going to do the tower.  But the kids did.  Mitch too.

 I was impressed that Tirzah walked all the way up the hill, and up to the top of the fire tower.  Then she walked all the way down again.  You rock, girl!

We rushed back to the park for another program.  By this point, Josh was working on his Junior Ranger book and needed one more program to get his book complete.  We went to the "fish painting" class.  The kids painted stamps, and pressed them on paper.  They also had a fish classification exercise...that was pretty neat.  (Laying foundation for future science work...yay for MORE school!!)

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