Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Garden Update

My garden is growing!  We are in the countdown before the first frost, however, and I'm worried it will be race to see which will come first...harvest or freeze.

There is some hope, though!

Sunflower on Sunday (the bees didn't take a Sabbath rest, but I suppose their rest is coming much sooner than mine):
 Sunflower today:
 I thought the change in the sunflower over just 3 days was really neat.  Today it's head is hung so low that I had to get on the ground to photograph it.  Out of curiosity especially to how the center is changing, I looked up a time lapse video.  While this is a different breed of flower, it is still very similar and shows what is happening to our flower:

Our cucumber is producing enough now that we should have a steady harvest:

The garden as a whole.  I have some pepper plants that probably will not have time to produce before the freeze.  We purchased two of them, and they already had peppers growing.  Those turned out very well.  The plants I started from seeds, however, are just now working on their first blooms.  I don't think there will be enough time.  The cauliflower plants are HUGE.  I am surprised by the thickness of the leaf and how big and sturdy they are.  Today a cardinal landed on one, but flew away before I could get my camera.  When I peek inside the plants I can see tiny heads of cauliflower growing.  Maybe they will grow fast...  I also have two smaller sunflower plants I grew from seeds planted directly in the soil in June.  One of them will probably make it.  The other is in the shade of the big sunflower and doesn't look like he's getting enough nutrients.  The big sunflower that has already flowered was a volunteer growing from last year's seeds.  :)  I also have 3 flowers that came up...I can't remember what kind they are, but I remember that last year they took to actually make a flower.  They are not even half as tall as they were last year when they finally flowered, so we'll see on those, too.
Some of my okra looks really bad with brown spots on the leaves.  If I had to guess, I might say it was not enough water.  Or maybe water got on the leaves during a really hot time of day and burned them?  Not sure.

The tomatoes, as tomatoes do, are going crazy.  Lots of tomatoes everywhere and my plants are quite wild and unruly.  I fully expect those to ripen before we get a freeze.

In the meantime, the growing is the fun part, regardless of what we get out of it.  And we are thankful for that.

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  1. Cauliflower I believe is a cold weather plant, so should do okay if a frost occurs before it is fully mature. You can simply cover your other plants in the evenings with an old sheet, blanket, tarp if it's supposed to frost, and then uncover in the morning and they will be fine. I do it with many of my plants in the fall to extend their lives.