Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mercy is 5 months old!

Mercy was 5 months old on Saturday!  Here are some pictures:

 {At the Mall of America}

 {Loves to sit in a high chair at the table with the rest of us}

{Seriously loves to stand}

At 5 months old, Mercy
~is a pretty sweet and content, making her an easy baby compared to some others
~still loves to go to sleep on Caleb
~tries to grab everything, and puts everything in her mouth
~has a super grip--she left a bruise when she grabbed the underside of Kathi's arm last night!
~loves to stand and jump and bounce, and play in an exersaucer
~can sit up really well, and surprised me by balancing forward on her hands all alone
~only breastfeeds still...never had a bottle yet, but has tasted a cracker recently and always wants our food (stares us down)
~sleeps really well at night--usually 7 hours straight
~seems like she might be getting longer and spreading out some of the chub...I'm going to have to change the one-size diapers to a longer rise
~has much lighter hair now, and most of her long hair has fallen out
~can roll over both ways, and scoots along the floor a couple inches at a time by pulling herself with her arms (but she also did do an army pushup on her toes last night while I was videoing!!)
~wiggles and squirms to try to get anywhere--even out of your arms
~seems to think she can do things that she can't
~loves to grab and pull hair
~loves to be tickled
~is learning to balance sitting up on Mitch's hand
~sometimes laughs and cries at the same time
~still wears size 3-6 mo clothing, but I've pulled out some 6-9 mo things now, I just don't have many summer items in size 6-9 mo and it's still pretty hot
~can grab her feet and suck on her toes
~is very, very tolerant of all her siblings (especially the younger ones) being in her face all the time
~gets LOTS of hugs and cuddles and kisses from everyone
~and yes, she still spits up all the time


  1. Love her outfit in the MOA picture. That skirt is adorable!

  2. I love her and want to call her my own. Looks a lot like Carries babypics. Miss you all