Friday, September 20, 2013

Mercy's Stats

Mercy saw the doctor yesterday for her 6 month checkup. She weighed 16 lbs 1 oz, which is around the 50th percentile. So she fell out of her growth curve by a few % points, but no worries...she's just mobile. It's a testament to her good nature too, she's too busy playing to stop and eat as much as she used to. Or that she was eating more before to help soothe the symptoms of reflux, and as the symptoms lessened so did the frequency of feedings. She was 27 inches long, keeping her in the 90th percentile. Her head was 16.5 inches around.  The doctor said she's perfect. :) She had immunizations and was grumpy the rest of the day. 

Today all was forgotten, and she has been quite her normal happy self. And the best news is that first tooth she's been working so hard on just broke through. Caleb was the first to notice this morning. :) 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mercy is 6 months old!


 He loves me...

 He loves me not...

 He loves me...

 He loves me not...

 He loves me...

 {Looks like Tirzah in this ^ shot}
He loves me not...

 He loves me...

 He loves me not...

He loves me!!

Of course he does, how would I think anything else?

At 6 months, Mercy
~is crawling all over the place
~puts anything she can grab into her mouth, especially things she shouldn't have
~almost has a tooth through, but not quite
~is moving into 6-9 month clothing
~nurses every 2 hours or so
~has tried applesauce and bananas and thinks they are the worst-tasting food ever...she much prefers breastmilk...or paper...
~thought that cereal mixed with breastmilk was barely tolerable
~has been getting up more frequently at night, though last night she slept 5 hours straight (in her bed!) before getting up
~cried when she saw me walk out the front door yesterday (learning object permanence?)
~is learning to sit up...but she does not get into a sitting position from crawling like Obi did at 6 months
~still loves to be put to sleep by Caleb
~has lost almost all her original hair and has soft light fuzz all over her head (no comb-over like Tirzah had, thankfully)
~chews, but not sucks, on her thumb, fingers, and pacifiers
~is pretty clear with all of us when she does not like something
~will "sympathy" cry when someone else is hurt and crying
~has a distinct cry when she is hurt and all of her siblings know it
~doesn't seem to be spitting as much as she used to now
~usually wakes up happy and is very quiet when she is happy
~gets really, really mad when the kids try to take something out of her hands
~has the best giggle when her brothers jump out to surprise her...when she is in the right mood...otherwise she cries when she is startled 
~endures constant cuddles from siblings
~is so, so easy to care for, especially compared to some other babies...makes the baby thing seem like a peace of cake

What a joy to be your mom, Mercy Anne!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Days of the Garden?

My garden has lasted far more days than I ever dreamed it would, and has produced much more than I ever thought possible.  We have had some very hot days here in September, and as summer lingers on my garden keeps producing.  I have neglected to water it as much as I should have in these late days, but little damage has been done.

We have to back up a bit, since it's been a while...this picture below was taken 8/17:

We enjoyed two big, beautiful cauliflowers from the garden.  I harvested this one the day after I took the picture:
 I love looking at the insects that our garden attracts, especially after studying Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 from Apologia!
 Eggs on my pepper leaves!

 On 8/18 I found these ants farming aphids on my okra plants.  This was super neat to watch them "milk" the aphids!!

By 8/29, my pepper plants actually had peppers, and where I was sure that we would never have more peppers this season, now we have an abundance!  I am amazed at what God has done in our little garden!

I brought this flower outside hoping it would be pollinated and make some seeds...we are going to need them this winter since we are studying botany:

This flower is just about ready to make its first's been a long time waiting:

On 9/7, my garden was looking very wimpy and dehydrated.  I hadn't been out for a couple of days, and the little sunflowers had popped open:

My okra plants have faithfully been making pods little by little, and all of a sudden they seemed to make a bunch at once.  I had been saving them in the fridge, and finally had enough to fry!!

Mitch said they were good, but not as good as Janet makes.  :)  That was just about the best compliment ever.

I watered my garden, and the next morning, 9/8, it looked much better:

These bumblebees were scrounging for every last bit of pollen they could get off my little flower.

Bumblebees are beautiful.

So, we harvested from our garden cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, okra, cauliflower, a handful of sunflower seeds, a head full of knowledge, and a heart full of appreciation for God's creation.

God is good!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Family photos


Before Kathi went to the airport to fly home, we took some family pictures and made a stop at Cold Stone Creamery.  Using coupons and gift cards, our final purchase came to only $12...for 10 people...whoot!!!

I loved these pictures...

 Mercy is wearing a shirt that Kathi's family sent over when she was born.

 Someone tried a fancy translation of "German chocolate cake"


I'm cleaning off my camera card and found some pictures I wanted to post.  These are from August when Kathi was night she made crepes for us (aka German pancakes).  We had quite the spread and were able to try them lots of different ways.  Yum!  August was so busy and went by so quickly that it felt like we were rarely all together.  What a nice memory this is now...

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Josh is 8 years old!

Wow, I can't believe Josh is 8 years old already...8 whole years...

At 8 years old, Josh is a well-rounded kid.  He:

~is in 3rd grade this year
~reads and spells well
~needs some work on handwriting
~loves to play outside, especially roller blading, but riding a bike is fun too

~is on the small side (for one of my kids), and wears size 7 pants
~keeps his hair short, but it's kind of curly when it grows out...and he's always been a bit darker than the other kids
~plays well with just about everybody (within reason, of course...we all have our bad days)

~likes to eat a variety of things, not too picky but not ready to try just anything either
~picked fish sticks, macaroni & cheese, and fried mozarella cheese sticks for his birthday dinner
~loves kitties even though he is allergic to them
 {Josh, Zeke, and Malachi with our friend Cam from Winnepeg}
~likes to tell jokes
~likes to make up fun games for his siblings and friends to play
~spends most of his time playing with Zeke and Malachi, but plays with younger/older siblings too
~likes to draw
~would like to learn how to cook
~is supposed to be Caleb's buddy at supper time, but CJ isn't really used to the idea yet, lol

~asked me for a chocolate cake with white chocolate chips inside and white chocolate frosting...I tried, but it didn't really turn out so great I don't think.  Maybe when he is a baker some day he can make ME a cake.
~planned a water balloon fight with the neighbors for his birthday