Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Josh is 8 years old!

Wow, I can't believe Josh is 8 years old already...8 whole years...

At 8 years old, Josh is a well-rounded kid.  He:

~is in 3rd grade this year
~reads and spells well
~needs some work on handwriting
~loves to play outside, especially roller blading, but riding a bike is fun too

~is on the small side (for one of my kids), and wears size 7 pants
~keeps his hair short, but it's kind of curly when it grows out...and he's always been a bit darker than the other kids
~plays well with just about everybody (within reason, of course...we all have our bad days)

~likes to eat a variety of things, not too picky but not ready to try just anything either
~picked fish sticks, macaroni & cheese, and fried mozarella cheese sticks for his birthday dinner
~loves kitties even though he is allergic to them
 {Josh, Zeke, and Malachi with our friend Cam from Winnepeg}
~likes to tell jokes
~likes to make up fun games for his siblings and friends to play
~spends most of his time playing with Zeke and Malachi, but plays with younger/older siblings too
~likes to draw
~would like to learn how to cook
~is supposed to be Caleb's buddy at supper time, but CJ isn't really used to the idea yet, lol

~asked me for a chocolate cake with white chocolate chips inside and white chocolate frosting...I tried, but it didn't really turn out so great I don't think.  Maybe when he is a baker some day he can make ME a cake.
~planned a water balloon fight with the neighbors for his birthday



  1. Happy birthday from far far away (:

  2. Love his reaction to the smooch and hugging! Happy birthday, Josh!