Sunday, September 01, 2013

Kathi's Quilt

Kathi wanted to make a quilt from t-shirts that reminded her of her stay here in Minnesota (both this time and last time).  Bonnie worked generously to make Kathi's dream a reality!!  What an amazing gift!!

When you click larger, you can see the embroidered square right in the center top.  It says "Kathi Barbie."  In Germany, most people do not have middle names.  When Patrick was here we decided to give him a middle name.  He was laughing at us for how we pronounced "Wolfgang", so we said, "Ok, now your new name is Patrick Wolfgang.  :)  When Kathi came, it didn't take us long to name her Kathi Barbie...and of course, her "not" favorite color is pink, so we teased her about it mercilessly.  The embroidery is done in hot pink.  Kathi says, "It is right in the middle so it can be under my chin while I sleep.  It is the best part!"  Nicely done, Bonnie!!

We got a funny surprise when we took the quilt outside to take pictures: the Mount Rushmore t-shirt had been gray and white.  Suddenly, the sun had caused it to have colors--blue and red--that was really neat!!

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