Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Days of the Garden?

My garden has lasted far more days than I ever dreamed it would, and has produced much more than I ever thought possible.  We have had some very hot days here in September, and as summer lingers on my garden keeps producing.  I have neglected to water it as much as I should have in these late days, but little damage has been done.

We have to back up a bit, since it's been a while...this picture below was taken 8/17:

We enjoyed two big, beautiful cauliflowers from the garden.  I harvested this one the day after I took the picture:
 I love looking at the insects that our garden attracts, especially after studying Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 from Apologia!
 Eggs on my pepper leaves!

 On 8/18 I found these ants farming aphids on my okra plants.  This was super neat to watch them "milk" the aphids!!

By 8/29, my pepper plants actually had peppers, and where I was sure that we would never have more peppers this season, now we have an abundance!  I am amazed at what God has done in our little garden!

I brought this flower outside hoping it would be pollinated and make some seeds...we are going to need them this winter since we are studying botany:

This flower is just about ready to make its first's been a long time waiting:

On 9/7, my garden was looking very wimpy and dehydrated.  I hadn't been out for a couple of days, and the little sunflowers had popped open:

My okra plants have faithfully been making pods little by little, and all of a sudden they seemed to make a bunch at once.  I had been saving them in the fridge, and finally had enough to fry!!

Mitch said they were good, but not as good as Janet makes.  :)  That was just about the best compliment ever.

I watered my garden, and the next morning, 9/8, it looked much better:

These bumblebees were scrounging for every last bit of pollen they could get off my little flower.

Bumblebees are beautiful.

So, we harvested from our garden cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, okra, cauliflower, a handful of sunflower seeds, a head full of knowledge, and a heart full of appreciation for God's creation.

God is good!

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