Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Class Pet

Mitch's 3rd grade class adopted a guinea pig.  This past weekend, he brought it home for the weekend.  Our kids had no idea it was coming.

Tirzah was the first to say, "Oh! Daddy has a chipmunk!  Will it come out of its castle?"

If that wasn't funny enough, Obi called it a "bunny".  After being corrected (by his siblings) many times, he finally settled on calling it a "bunny pig."

It was also called a:

Her fur is kind of like what I would imagine a beaver's feeling like...but it still makes me laugh every time I imagine Tirzah walking into the room and asking me, "Can I hold that skunk?"  =)

Her name is Fudge, and due to her size we nicknamed her "Fudge the Pudge." She went back to school today.  She did great being "socialized" among our children, so I think she'll be quite ready for nineteen 3rd graders!


  1. No Fair!! It doesn't shed!! :)

  2. That is a large guinea pig! :) (But if it were a chipmunk or hamster it would be a mutant! LOL)