Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

This is seriously one of my favorite days of the year now.  I will always be a perfectionist, and I'll always see flaws, but I really love taking the pictures.  This year I took over 400 photos.  Oh the blessing of digital cameras!!  I've narrowed it down to "just a few" for you...

We'll start with the outtakes...

 And now down to business..

 {Mercy, 6 months}

 {Obi, 2.5 years}

 {Tirzah, 4.5 years}

 Malachi, 6 years

 Josh, 8 years

 Zeke, 10 years

 Caleb, 12 years

 Eden, 14 years

 Micah, 16 years

If you are curious, I am using a Nikon D80.  For the family shots I used a 18-55 mm lens.  For all the portraits I used a 50 mm prime lens.  I shot in manual nearly the entire time, setting my aperture where I wanted it and using the meter to set my shutter speed and control exposure.  Go me!!  LOL  Eden took the pictures of Mitch and I, using aperture priority mode.  I used a tripod and a remote for the family shots.


  1. Great pics, but the one where Obi is looking at Malachi is adorable!

  2. Sorry, but I'm partial to the little Steph and little Carrie photo. The rest are AWESOME!! Great job guys for putting up with the black box! :)