Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mercy is 7 months old

Sweet little girl is working on the second half of her first year out of the womb.  My older kids, who recently participated in the Pregnancy Resource Center's Walk for Life, pointed out that she's actually 16 months old (9 months in the womb + 7 months outside).  :)

At 7 months Mercy
~has two teeth on bottom, and is working hard on the top two
~crawls everywhere, and gets into a sitting position from crawling
~occasionally, cautiously, pulls up to a stand
~gets in to absolutely everything
~still doesn't care for baby food, but has been happy to sample our food as we eat
~thinks cheerios are pretty cool
~loves to get people's feet
~crawls to find me when she needs something
~nurses about every 2-3 hours
~sleeps better at night again...somehow we got over that hump...this week she has been sleeping about 6-7 hours, then going back to sleep for another 2 hours
~takes about 3 short naps per day
~has eczema on her chin, inside her elbows, and the back of her legs
~is interacting with her siblings more and more...she loves them and they love her so much!

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