Friday, October 18, 2013

Mini Vacation

Mitch has "MEA break" yesterday and today, so we planned the days off school too.  He took Micah, Zeke, Tirzah, and Obadiah to visit his mom a couple hours away.  I kept Josh and Malachi here so they could go to the doctor for regular checkups.  Certainly, I have Mercy by default, and Eden and Caleb are still home as well.  I also am still doing daycare.  The mini vacation has been wonderful for me. I have had guilty thoughts about Mitch having these little kids--I hope that he will be able to accomplish the projects he has set.  On the other hand, I keep trying to remember that Micah is an incredible helper and usually does pretty awesome with Tirzah and Obi.

On the drive down, Mitch text me (Micah was driving!) with a few of the funnies that the kids had:

When Obi likes to eat something, he says, "It is nummy!"
Zeke tried to help him and said, "Obi, say /y/, /y/, Yummy."
Obi says, "/y/, /y/, Nummy."
I can just hear it.  LOL  This is an oft repeated scene over the years as the older kids try to help the littlest ones learn to enunciate words correctly.

Tirzah asked, "How many months until we get there?"

Side note: [I was looking back over previous blog posts, and some of the sweetest are the short ones where I post funny things the kids have said/done.  For a long time I was using facebook to post a few of these funnies.  I really dislike facebook and have been avoiding it as much as possible, but that's another post.  Anyway, I wish I had kept posting them here...I consider my blog not just a way to share with friends and family (especially the far away ones), but a place where I can sort of "take notes" to put into our scrapbooks later.  Or if I never do, it will serve as "good enough" for a scrapbook or journal.  The format is much easier to search through the history than facebook is.]

So I'm not spending my vacation doing actual relaxing things--curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee--but you will see that I have done a bit of blogging.  I have listened to some speakers at a conference online (, and have a couple others I want to listen to today.  I have been reading a book (Help for Women Under Stress by Randy Alcorn).  We even found time to laugh through a couple episodes of Duck Dynasty on the A&E website.  The big project, however, is the great winter switch-over.  I have (with Caleb and Eden's help) drug down many many tubs of clothing from our attic storage area.  I am sorting through previous years' clothes, purging things we don't need, and getting out the long pants and long-sleeved shirts, while putting away shorts and t-shirts.  It is usually a formidable task that I try to spread out over more than one weekend and do one child at a time (based on who needs it most).  Every now and then things just get so disorganized and out of control that I have to do a more in-depth project.  Without Tirzah and Obi, and the demands of a school schedule, I am able to do just that.  We are so blessed to have all these hand-me-downs!!!  And now I am again blessed to have the time to organize it so that we will be able to find and use the items we need.  I have spent hours unfolding and refolding clothes, counting, putting up, putting away, or giving away.  It's like doing 50 loads of laundry.  :)  Seriously.  Today I will hopefully finish it all up.  I'm waiting to do the "snow stuff" (winter coats, snow pants, boots) until everyone else is home.  That shouldn't be quite as many hours involved.  *I hope.*

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