Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zeke is 10 years old!

This past weekend we celebrated Zeke's 10th birthday.  He chose enchiladas for supper and carrot cake for his birthday dessert.  He had a surprise blessing--his friend Matthew was able to come over to play for the day and ended up getting to stay overnight.  Zeke was SO thrilled!  We have been video-game free for a couple months now, so I wondered how he would do with a friend over.  The weather was cold and rainy, too, so there wasn't a lot they could play outside (though they did find a reprieve).  During the afternoon while I did my grocery shopping, Mitch took them all to the YMCA then to the pet store.  We ended the day with the new movie Epic.  I'd say the day was nearly perfect!

At 10 years old Zeke:
~seems almost "bigger than life" with his abundant energy and friendly, outgoing personality
~knows almost everyone in our neighborhood, and seems to be a natural when it comes to making people feel welcome
~loves to be the life of the party...unfortunately, that means he would also rather be the life of the party than to focus and do schoolwork...aka "the class clown"...and our class size is fairly small, but large enough to be a distraction when he can get at least one person to giggle (Josh)
~seems to be quite capable of learning anything anyone else can, just using a different method; and that makes me all the more glad that we are homeschooling
~loves to play any sport...right now that especially includes soccer or backyard games of swordplay
~loves to ride his bike or his ripstick
~has beautiful cursive handwriting
~says he hates to do school, but he voluntarily reads to Tirzah and Obi almost every day
~doesn't like forced memorization, but can remember and retell facts about all kinds of different things he has read or heard on his own
~works very well when motivated by reward or for emotional gain (such as to help someone else--he is happy when he is helping others), but does not work well under pressure (giving him a time limit often backfires on me...rather than helping him focus, it is distracting to a nearly painful point for him)
~has asthma and is allergic to dust mites, and I suspect has seasonal allergies as his asthma is worse at times
~is responsible for putting away his own laundry, helping to keep his room clean, and helping with lunch
~has longer hair than Caleb, and his curly mop is beloved wherever we go
~is 54" tall
~has a tender heart that is sensitive to God's call

We love you so much Zeke!  Happy 10th Birthday!!

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