Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mercy is 8 months old!

Mercy is 8 months old...I can hardly believe it!!

Look at how she has changed from then...
to now:
(Yeah, Caleb's changed quite a bit, too!)

Big sister Tirzah is helping feed Mercy some spaghetti!

Mercy makes this funny little face while sucking in and blowing out air.  One day she surprised both herself and me by whistling accidentally!  This was just before her top teeth came in, maybe she will learn how to whistle on purpose.  :)

At 8 months, Mercy
~just learned how to "click" her tongue
~throws mighty awful temper tantrums, especially when she can't have something she wants (um, wait, isn't that pretty much what ALL temper tantrums are about??)
~loves pizza (crust)
~still goes to sleep on Caleb, though lately the trend has been that she then does not let him lay her down.  Seriously, I don't know why we even have the portable crib up anymore!  Put that on my list to take down.
~wears 6-9 mo clothes, though some things are getting too short/tight and some things that were too big are now fitting better
~wears size 2 shoes
~wears size 3 disposable diapers; we haven't been using cloth for now...I couldn't change her quickly enough to help out the skin issues, and even in disposables we're constantly fighting battles.
~still has troublesome spots of eczema, but those are kept at bay: I bathe her often, only use soap if I have to and then only on the truly "dirty" areas,  and I'm using vanicream as recommended by her doctor (slathering her up while she still damp).
~loves to explore anywhere and everywhere...she crawls all over the place just checking it out.  She's not afraid to come find me when I'm missing.
~unloads any cabinets, drawers, or boxes/bins that she can reach, so if we don't want her in it, we need to keep it closed or out of reach!
~loves to play with the gate over the stairs.  She makes a bee-line for it all the time.  She pulls to stand, then rattles it and "talks" the entire time.
~walks with help when she is on carpet, but not on the wood/laminate floor.  The smart cookie knows what "slippery" means, at least in practice.  But when introduced to a walking toy on the carpet, she pulled to a stand and (much to my surprise) took off walking right away!
~knew exactly what to do the first time she discovered stairs going up (as opposed to the gate at the top of the stairs going down, because she clearly does NOT know what to do on those).  I happened to be in our entryway organizing a drawer while she was playing (within view) downstairs.  Soon she came looking for me, and crawled over to the bottom of the stairs.  At first she complained about not being able to reach me, but then she knew what to do.  As soon as she started climbing the stairs I was right behind her, but she kept going until she got all the way to the top!
~will put anything she finds on the floor into her mouth, but is highly suspicious of anything offered in the highchair.  So I hold her in my arms to offer her foods.  She's also very suspicious of anything offered on a baby spoon. There's just something about having food shoved in her mouth that offends her...gee, I guess I can understand that!
~so she moves all the time, doesn't eat much for solid foods, doesn't sleep on her own, how does this girl manage?  Well, she crashes at night in my bed and usually sleeps most of the night (as long as I'm within kicking distance).  She might wake up once or twice, but she doesn't really eat during the night.  During the day she nurses about every 3 hours.
~still loses her balance occasionally, and has had a few hard bonks
~still adores her siblings and looks for them when they're not around.  Being around people energizes her for sure...another extrovert?

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