Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mitch is running the range

Mitch loves to bake cookies.  I recently gave him free rein of the kitchen to make cookies for the upcoming holidays.  I stocked the pantry with all the basic baking supplies, as well as some special ones at his request.  I introduced him to pinterest, and he has scoured the internet in search of creative new recipes.  The only problem I have with this is that the numbers on the scale have gone up, not down, in the past couple weeks as I have sampled too many and saved too few.  Ouch!

Mitch decided he wanted to surprise me on Friday night.  I had been relaxing and completely forgotten about my responsibility to make supper, and after a while I noticed he was busy in the kitchen.  I asked a vague question that went unanswered, and after that I tried not to spoil the surprise by not keeping record when he asked me questions about where to find this or that.  :)  When he held up a funnel and asked me a question however, it was all out of the bag.  I'd always wanted to try making funnel cakes, but had never taken the time.  It was such a wonderful surprise!!  He found a recipe that worked and tasted perfect.

 Seriously, we could have sold them.

 After a while, we had funnel cakes coming out our ears and Mitch had barely made a dent in the bowl of batter.  So what could we do with "too many funnel cakes?"  Knock on the neighbors' doors, of course!  We sent kids knocking, and the result was many happily surprised neighbors.  :)

One of our neighbors has an exchange student from China staying with them.  He came back with Zeke and Josh and hung out for a little while.  It was fun to ask questions about China and about his exchange experience here in America.  His host dad stopped by to pick him up after a little while and asked us, "What in the world do you mean by 'too many funnel cakes'?" Yes, there is no such thing.

Mitch got REALLY good at the process of making the funnel cakes.  I didn't really have to do much...I mostly did dishes and tried to clean the counters off as we went, and did not pay much attention to the process.  So on this one, Mitch is the expert.  I didn't even catch the recipe.  Of course I gave Mitch lots of kisses, made him a salad, and told him over and over again what a good surprise it was.  :) He said he wanted to do something nice for me since I am always thinking up new things to do for him.  I felt so honored and loved.


  1. Awesome! And we'll always be willing to take extra funnel cakes! ;-)

  2. Nice! Super cool that he's not afraid to try new things. Mind sharing the recipe?

  3. Um... where's my funnel cake?? ;)