Friday, December 20, 2013

Mercy can also...

After I published her 9 months post, the kids helped me remember some things that Mercy has learned to do recently.

~can clap her hands

~opens and closes her fists with her arms outstretched to say "give it to me" when she wants something (probably my favorite thing that she does right now, because it's a very direct, purposeful communication)
~swats at her siblings as a greeting (hopefully in the future we'll teach her that a simple "hi" is more polite, or at least a wave without making contact)

~is a Houdini...she can easily wiggle out of the high chair belt, and she proceeds to climb...oh it starts too early! Climbing on the table is one of the "problems" we have around here.  The problem is it's modeled by so many little children and it's harder than it seems to nip it in the bud.  Perhaps in the background Tirzah is demonstrating another "problem"...hehe...I didn't see that when I snapped the picture.  Sorry, future adult Tirzah.  :)

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