Wednesday, December 04, 2013

No-Shave November and more

Micah has taken a liking to dressing up, especially for church on Sunday. This past Sunday, Mitch taught him how to tie a tie:

Mitch decided to let his beard grow out this past November.  I suppose that Duck Dynasty has wore me the past I have been opposed to a beard, and now I find that I like it.  :)  Do I think he should grow it out like the Robertson's?  No, probably not, but stranger things have happened...

Recent conversations led me to realize my kids are growing up like crazy.  Yikes! I had sort of held my breath--Eden had a growth spurt, then leveled off for a few months, and I thought maybe we would end up being the same height.  It was not to be.  The evidence has stacked against me:
(I still don't think she will end up being as tall as her aunties, though...we'll see.)  

Do you think Micah will overtake his dad?

Oh well, this one is still a shrimp...and such a good helper, too:

The winter storm that wasn't.  We all went to bed excited last night (and from what I heard, so did others around the neighborhood).  The snow was forecast to be 6-9 inches, with a bulk of it arriving overnight.  We were expecting an early morning call with--at the minimum--a school delay.  We woke to a paltry inch or two, and though it is still coming down, it did not result in a snow day.  Poo!  If Mitch had gotten to stay home today, I was hoping we could put up the Christmas tree.  Otherwise, nothing really changes for me--we're still doing school, playing in the snow, sipping hot chocolate, and all that fun stuff.  And of course hoping that Daddy drives safely!

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