Monday, December 16, 2013

Pie Baking

I don't know how this all got started, but it ended up with George teaching us how to bake pies.  We were joined by another family we have been friends with since Patrick was here.  We had a crazy chaotic day that was full of fun and laughter.  George left his camera here, so I got the pictures from the day...I'm glad SOMEONE was thinking to take pictures!

George made all the pie dough ahead of time.  And he made a lot.  So some of it we rolled out and used cookie cutters and just made cookies.  We sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar.  They're actually quite tasty!  At some point we started punching little holes in them and made some ornaments for our (still) undecorated tree.
 {George and Tirzah}

 {Sheila and Mercy}

 {Obi's turn}

 {Kids playing games}

 {Malachi's turn}

 {Zeke and George making an apple pie}

 {Cookies out of the oven}

 {Zeke stretching his arms after rolling the dough??}

 Ok, so I had to post this picture because it was so funny.  Sid was rolling out some dough for a pecan pie, and George stepped in to give a little guidance.  He said something along the lines of she needed to pay attention and push her dough into a circle, because "pies are not square." 
Without missing a beat, Mitch piped up, "Actually, pi r squared."  (get it? area of a circle)  
You can see my reaction captured perfectly in the background. Good belly laughs all around.
 More cookies from Eden and Sid

 {This was my attempt at a funny message for George.  I was rolling out my dough after he had left and I didn't have the benefit of his teaching.  I noticed what an odd shape the dough was and thought he probably would not be so proud.  Haha.}

Our party began to go downhill fast.  Somewhere around 5:30ish I attempted to open the back door to put a mixing bowl outside (the recipe for French silk pie said it should be chilled).  See, I wasn't very smart about it though.  I have a blanket "hanging" over the door because it is drafty.  The blanket is anchored by a large can on top of the cabinet on either side of the door. I just tried to hold the blanket to the side and sort of "pitch" the bowl into the snow on the deck.  Too slow (in my thinking, that is), I was whacked on the head by a large can of tomato juice, and I just about nearly passed out.  Yep, it bled.  Whew.  Time to wrap this up.

 With pie crust to spare, we made cookies, apple pie, pecan pie, cherry pie, French silk, and two German buttermilk pies.  A little later, some of us got to sample the pies and we also sent some home with Sheila.  The pecan pie is good!

I was chatting with a clerk at the grocery store and she said that when she was growing up one of her fondest memories of Christmas was that her mom would make an "edible" tree.  That is, she would decorate her tree with cookies she had made.  I thought that was a pretty sweet idea.  Especially since I'm having a hard time "wanting" to get the ornaments out this year.  Every year ornaments get broken, and I get sad.  This went well.  Maybe we will make some more.  We have dough, and they were tasty!  I've wanted to string popcorn too with the kids, so maybe we'll actually do that this year as well. 

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