Thursday, December 05, 2013

Repost: The Christmas Story

I have been struggling with the how of preparing my family for Christmas this year.  They are excited, to be sure, but I am worried that their focus is still on the material aspect of Christmas.  I have contemplated a few different ideas for advent.  I read the Solid Joys devotional from Desiring God, so MY heart is being prepared, but I can't help but feel an urge to lead my children's hearts.  There are lots of wonderful ideas floating around.  Ann Voskamp has an attractive new book out.  Pinterest is easy to get lost while trying to navigate.  But I needed something simpler.  Today God pressed this idea from Christmas two years ago.  Rather than just copy and paste it like I did yesterday, could I just ask you to follow the link?

Two years ago I did it on Christmas morning.  This year I'm going to spread it out and do one a day.  This will even allow us to have more time to read more scripture!  I have to talk to Mitch and work out the logistics.  Seeking to put CHRIST first in my children's hearts this Christmas, I am now starting to feel excited.  I finally have a game plan, and my heart feels lighter. 

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