Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Caleb is 13!

Caleb turned 13 today!  He celebrated by finally getting a much-looked-for Facebook account.  He has been waiting patiently for years, especially this past year.  Now that he has the account, the excitement has already worn off.  He is so funny.  (To be honest, he's a pretty smart kid, don't ya think?)  He is happy to feel like he's "connected" and I'll give it some time before he starts to realize what kind of connections he's really made.  ;)  I gave him the day off of school because he *always* has his schoolwork done on time.  He invited the Emersons over for dessert tonight.  Now they're playing a game of Munchkin, the hot new card game at our house.

Here's a photo bomb for you.

 {Hey, Caleb, what's that over there?}

 {Don't look now, Obi's got the cake...}

{One more time in case you didn't notice the hats.}

At 13 years old, Caleb
~works independently on almost all of his schoolwork
~gets straight A's
~wears his hat Kathi brought him from Germany all the time
~is planning to dress up, complete with a fedora, this weekend for the Roaring 20s party at Blizzard (a youth group retreat)
~likes black t-shirts
~favorite color is green
~wears only jeans (even to bed) and rarely shorts
~has a certain order by which he sets the table
~might be a redneck (we like Duck Dynasty!)
~is not OCD, but we do tease him about it when he sets the table
~is writing a book (he has some resources to recommend, such as "Go Teen Writers" by Jill Williamson)
~has three pair of glasses
~chose General Tso's Chicken for supper and chocolate cake for dessert
~wears an adult medium shirt, size 16 slim pants, and size 9 shoes
I almost can't believe that Caleb is 13.  It doesn't seem like it.  I have three teenagers!!

Happy Birthday, Caleb!  We are so thankful for you!!

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