Thursday, January 02, 2014

Grand Slam

Zeke's fever returned tonight, so I shipped him off to express care.  Mitch called to let me know that Zeke tested positive for strep AND influenza.  Wowzers.

Upon arriving home, Zeke must have been feeling a little better.  He told me, "The doctor said I should not do school."

Mitch quickly clarified, "She said you should not GO to school.  I said, 'Well, I'll tell his mother, but we homeschool, so I'm not sure exactly where he should go.'"

Mitch said we can tell that Zeke is turning into a young man, growing up everyday.  He is already exhibiting selective hearing! 

When the other kids hear about Zeke's tough break, they'll be lining up to catch what he has.

::sigh:: I'm bracing for a second wave of fevers, if they come, and the thought that it will probably mean more appointments, tests, and medicines.  We're running a regular hospital ward here.  I need a second shift nurse to come on duty, though.

I'm watching Mercy like a far she's been fever-free.  I'm praying that *this time* she gets TONS of antibodies from breastmilk.

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