Friday, January 17, 2014

Mercy is 10 months old!

At 10 months, Mercy is
~eating a few more things, as long as she can touch it first
~doesn't have any new teeth, and doesn't really "chew", so that limits what she can pick up with her fingers and subsequently suck down
~feeds herself with her right hand...sometimes
~makes a big mess
~puts everything in her mouth
~everything from a speck of dust on the floor to things she can reach that we thought were out of reach
~has at least a hundred different cute expressions, I wish I could capture them all
~interacts well with us, and tries to copy us
~feeds herself with her left hand...sometimes
~boldly stands on her own for up to 30 seconds at a time
~can bend over, pick up an object, and return to standing without help (or leaning on something)
~walks on her knees (I need to capture this on video when the kids are not yelling, burping, or farting in the name-calling!  Haha!)
~is about ^this big (here's a perspective for you)
~gets very excited when Mitch comes home from work.  If she hears his voice, she will crawl over to the gate and shout out to him something that sounds a lot like "Hi Da".
~does not like to be left, and gets really upset when she watches any of us walk away
~maybe feeds herself more often with her left hand than her right hand...will she be a lefty?  If so, she will be our first, and will happily join Kathi, Grandma Karen, and my old college roommate Tara to name a few.  :)  Will she also be good at math?  It may be too early to tell, but I think she may.  Which reminds me, she can also
~count to one.  She gets really, really mad when anyone takes anything out of her hands.  Unfortunately, there's a lot of eyes around here watching out for her and wanting to take things away from her (aforementioned dust bits, for example).  And she can
~~count to two.  Over and over again.  She lets me know when she's ready for the other side while nursing.  :)
~She sometimes rolls over to her tummy to sleep, and then she often will put her little fists up under her face.  So cute.
~takes two naps per day, sometimes long, sometimes short, longer if we are holding her.
~is really cuddly (or crabby) if she takes short naps.  That means I spend a lot of time holding her afterward.  So, hold her if she sleeps or hold her if she doesn't sleep.  That seems to be the rule.
~usually wakes up once or twice a night, with us going to bed somewhere around 9 pm and getting up between 6 and 7 am.  She is co-sleeping with us, so that means I'm getting lots of sleep, right? Not exactly.  I use the early bedtime as time to read.  Being forced to slow down and cuddle my girl gives me a chance to remember to cherish this stage.
~On the naughty side, she pulls hair and bites.  She sometimes bites as a seeming natural reaction or curiosity, but lately we have noticed she also bites when she is frustrated.  If I happened to be nursing her when it happened, then I am frustrated.  She pulls my hair as a comfort thing, especially while she's nursing, but she also pulls it when she is bored or frustrated.  It's like she's saying, "Get moving! I want to see things!"  And speaking of that, it reminds me, she
~gets bored easily.  How is that?  The whole world is new!  I suppose we all have a little cabin fever in the middle of January.  She doesn't want to be sitting still--she wants her space to MOVE.  If Mitch takes all the big kids somewhere and leaves us home, she gets lonely.  When they come back home, she is overjoyed.
~She thinks the paper recycle bin is her toy chest.  She empties it until we finally move it out of reach.  Keeping the trash bin turned backwards and emptied frequently is also a must--otherwise she will try to reach inside for "treasures".  While we clean up the messes, she is moving on to be busy elsewhere.  She also loves to empty the crayon boxes that are left within reach (so she can eat the crayons), take clean laundry out of the laundry baskets for us, and pull stuff off of the computer desk or table.  She's just helping us be motivated to de-clutter, right? Apparently she recently learned the joy of being able to throw things down the stairs (through the gate).  Haha.  My stairs and entryway are even more of a wreck!

Mercy is such a blessing to our family.  Micah said today, "She's the princess."  Yeah, that's probably true.  Everyone loves her.  They are always trying to hug her, hold her, bring her things, make her laugh, or teach her something new.  I am excited to see what the next month brings!

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