Thursday, January 02, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have been fighting one virus after another here in our house.  It has not been all that much fun.  I am bummed that I didn't get the chance to wrap up 2013 nice and tight, but as I scroll through pictures to post from our Christmas celebration, I can't help but stop on some of my favorites from earlier this year...prepare to be photobombed.

{Pregnant with Mercy}

{Praying together as a family before we eat}

{Having THREE girls}

{Getting to laugh at a sign that wasn't supposed to be funny}

{Love the baby, not the puke}



{Some things are just better than google earth}

{First time driving}

{First time losing a tooth}

{Sweet reunion with Kathi}

{First birthday with Kathi}

{God's amazing sky show}

{Enjoying the fruits of our labor}

{Finding our voice of praise}

{Shedding a few pounds...of hair}

{Old friends and new friends, and I am humbled by God's grace}

{Hope fulfilled.  Abundantly!}

{Surprised by joy in thousands of "little" moments}

{Fried okra = dream realized}

{Cutest picture ever}

{Guinea Pig/Squirrel/Chipmunk/Beaver/Skunk}

{Joy lingers}

{Feeding an entire neighborhood after one man's desire to surprise his bride}

{First car}

{No-Shave November, with a nod to Duck Dynasty...go Phil Robertson!}

{She did it--she passed me up!}

{Wise Men arrived from the East...or West? Germany, that is!  From Patrick's family. So beautiful.}

Baby Jesus

{Eden knows: it is more blessed to give than to receive}

{It's always the box that's more fun...the hems cut off of pajama pants Grandma Karen made were quickly and easily turned into Ninja masks that entertained kids for days!}

{When I first had Micah I read an article by a woman who was determined not to give her baby any "artificial nipples" to suck on, because she wanted to establish a good breastfeeding relationship and avoid any nipple confusion.  The woman wrote, "At the end of the first week if you had told me that sucking on a snake would calm my baby down, I would have given her a snake to suck on!"  Needless to say, the woman decided pacifiers weren't so bad.  Mercy thinks snakes are cool.}

{My napkins were wrinkled and we didn't have enough place mats for everyone to have one, but we attempted to make the birthday dinner for Jesus beautiful.  And it was.}


  1. Life is really lived in the little moments. Thanks for sharing some with us!

  2. Wow!! You have had a very blessed and busy year!!! Hope you find peace in knowing you are doing the best job possible...keeping everyone together and happy! I love and miss you all!!! :)