Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mercy is 11 months old!!

Mercy is such a sweet little honey.

Now Mercy

~walks on her knees or fully walks more often than she crawls

~can speak German ("nein" means "no") as fluently as she can English, I do believe!  But when your vocabulary consists of only three words, that's not too hard to achieve.

~regularly bites the tips off of markers.  She can get the lid off and do her worst.

 ~likes Micah now (except for when he puts her upside down or spins around in circles...Micah has to learn that girls are not as much fun as boys.).  I'm teasing, of course, but Mercy really does like Micah, and Eden, too.  Both of them can get her distracted and calmed down when I'm not available.  What I think is most cool right now is that Micah voluntarily asks to hold Mercy.  Maybe it's so he can get out of doing his schoolwork or out of doing a chore, but I sort of think he does it because he wants to.  How sweet!

~has learned another naughty trick...can you guess what it is?

 Watch for yourself:

~let Micah put her to sleep instead of Caleb for once.
~isn't sleeping all that great, takes two puny naps (usually less than an hour each) a day, and gets up a couple times each night.  She sleeps better if I or Caleb can hold her, but that's not usually possible for as long as a baby her age should be napping.  I am torn.  She isn't really crabby, and I enjoy keeping her close (most of the time).  So it's not so much of a complaint as it is an observation (most of the time).  Certainly there are always rough nights and days where I wish for a break. 

~is developing a great sense of balance

~loves to play with Barbies (when she's not stuffing them down the vents), the doll house, and the baby dolls

~sometimes sleeps like this.  Ok, often sleeps like this, between me and Mitch.

~is walking really well--

~says mama, dada, Tiz, and of course nein.  She may have said some other words but it's hard to tell if it's purposeful or accidental. 
~learned to wave bye
~still has only 6 teeth
~isn't biting as much as she used to (and has stopped biting while nursing too!)
~wears more size 12 months stuff now and size 3 shoes
~is back into cloth diapers, wearing one-size pockets or size medium fitteds and covers.  I like the fitteds and covers best, but I only have a few of them.
~crawls up the stairs like nobody's business, but I'm not ready to teach her how to go down yet.  I know climbing is not far behind, but so far she has only climbed on things that are within 4-5 inches from the floor (besides stairs).
~earned the nickname "Babyzilla."  She loves to dump things out of whatever they are in and throw things off (or pull them off if the case may be) of whatever they are on.  Everything must come undone.  She leaves a path of destruction wherever she roams!  She would be a great baby to train new parents the reasons behind baby-proofing...hahahaha.
~loves spaghetti, crackers, and erasers.  Yes, erasers.  No pencil is safe.  We don't recommend leaving them within reach.  She especially likes the mechanical pencils because when the eraser comes out, she can dump out the lead also.  This practice elicits a particular squeal from big sister Eden.  She also likes more approved foods such as beans, peas, corn, and many other soft foods she can serve herself.  We also discovered that she approves of nearly anything that can be drank or eaten by straw. Applesauce on a spoon?  No way.  Via a straw?  Yes, please, most ardently!  And once introduced you must remove your hand--any notion that you are going to take it back away from her will cause a fuss.
~loves water, whether it is drinking it or playing in it.  She loves it.  It is the best thing since breastmilk.  So if there's water around, guard it.  Especially if she should not have it!

February is a short month, so Mercy will be a year before we know it.  She's gotten so big, and with less than four weeks to go before her birthday, I find myself wondering how we could slow down just a bit.  On the other hand, I don't want to delay Spring, therefore I must give in!

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