Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Biology Lab

It's our first dissection class in high school biology!!  Today we dissected an earth worm. 

 Everyone was elbowing and climbing and pushing to get a good view.  Eventually I had to chase the littles away, then invite them back once we were done.

 Cutting open the worm went a lot better than I expected.  Micah, Eden, and I all took turns trying it out.  Aside from one person's shaky hands (someone who will probably not grow up to be a surgeon), we were pros.

 "Hey Mom, no fair, get your own worm!"  (They didn't really say this, but it was true.)
Oops, sorry, I was butting in again.  I can't help it!  I like to learn too.  Eden, it's your turn.  She's like, "Um...that's ok.  Really."

Malachi said, "It's making my spit taste funny."

Lab report:  draw, label, describe, explain!
(Glad I don't have to do that part...heehee.)

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