Monday, March 03, 2014

Funny #1

Malachi sat down beside his dad with a book in hand and said, "This is an ABC Bible."

I remember what it was like to not know how to read.  I must have been very young.  I pulled a book off my grandmother's shelf and pretended it was a hymnal.  In my later childhood years, once I had learned how to read, the "magic" of the books on the shelf vanished in a way.  They would no longer fit my imagination (which was much too large).  I couldn't pull off a book and find a song. 

Malachi is learning to read, but he's not quite at that stage where he does it automatically.  He makes lots of guesses based on clues.  This book was fat and heavy and had a font similar to a Bible.  I questioned him about the "ABC" part.  He told me how it has all a's, then b's, and so on.  I suggested he should try reading the words. Yep, he read "Spanish" with no problem.  I think the magic started to vanish a bit for him, too.  Good thing we have an abundance of books to choose from (maybe even a Bible dictionary or two)!

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