Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, Eden!!

We celebrated Eden's 15th birthday yesterday.  On Friday night, she had Anna and Ben over for games, and Anna stayed for a sleepover.  Saturday morning, she planned a day at the mall with Anna and 3 other friends.  Sounds like a teen thing to do, right??  We had a couple of the girls back here (along with the rest of the Emersons, and Grandma Karen and Grandpa Marc) for dinner and cake and ice cream.  It was a busy, full day, but Eden had planned most of it, so I'm glad we were able to pull it off.  A few of her younger siblings also wanted to buy her presents, so I was able to work in that element, too.  Mitch and I gave her Donita K. Paul's newest book...I was super excited about that.  :)

That's a lot of candles!  

Eden asked for fried chicken for supper, but I wasn't able to pull that one off.  When we planned to have a crowd here, she changed her mind to pizza instead.  She wanted her "traditional" whopper ice cream cake, and we made some blue cupcakes as well.  Thank goodness I had some help in the kitchen from Mitch, Karen, Obi, and Tirzah!

 Mercy reallllllly wanted in on the action.  She was under the table at our feet crying while we were taking pictures with Eden.  Once I got up, Eden picked her up.  The smile on Mercy's face when she saw the treats and the candles, she was instantly giddy.  She helped herself to Eden's ice cream.

At 15 years old, Eden
~is very crafty, she loves to paint, draw, create, write, etc.
~loves to take pictures
~makes up stories to tell the younger kids
~loves to buy gifts for people
~gets very good grades in school
~is studying German
~is going to start studying Spanish
~is going to Nicaragua this summer with the youth group missions team (!!!)
~applied for a passport
~is starting driver's ed very, very soon
~likes Algebra (yay!)
~loves animals, including horses
~volunteers 2 hours per week at the humane society
~owns a guinea pig, five fish, and has been promised the care of an adorable bunny over the summer if she wants
~enjoys the shows Once Upon a Time and Duck Dynasty
~babysits to earn extra money (and now is saving money for Nicaragua)
~favorite color is blue
~favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (she enjoys the book, too)
~favorite candies are Robin's Egg Whoppers and Fruit Gushers

We love you Eden! 

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