Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mercy!!

We happily celebrated Mercy's birthday on Monday.  What a blessing she is! 

 {Enjoying a special birthday treat from Devona!}

 {Daddy wants a bite!}

 {Mercy says, "Here, you can have your own."}

At 1 year old, Mercy
~walks and even runs everywhere
~goes up AND down the stairs (usually the right way)
~is starting to climb other things
~"talks" and babbles all the time, and sings too
~says mama, dada, yay, Eden, nummy, Tiz, Josh (more like "dosh"), waves bye, and also uses her hands to point or signal what she wants
~eats more things now, but still prefers to feed herself.  She will try more things if she is sitting on my lap while I'm eating.
~nurses full time still, even waking at night still (but I can't even keep track of how often)
~is wearing cloth diapers again after a long break.  I "refreshed" her one-size diapers, which were hand-me-downs, by replacing the leg elastic and adding a new layer of hemp to each of the inserts.  They work so much better, and it was well worth the few hours invested!  The diapers are still snapped on the lowest rise because she has skinny legs.  She obviously wears her baby chub in her face, not in her thighs.
~wears size 12 month clothing
~loves to play with baby dolls and with anything that lights up or plays music
~has quite a bad temper!  When she is really mad, she holds her breath before letting out a wail.  I have seen her hold her breath so long that her lips turn blue, and I think it's entirely possible that one of these days she's going to pass out.  Naughty!! 
~loves to feed Eden's guinea pig. When the pig starts whistling, Mercy runs and asks for treats to feed it.
~only has 6 teeth still (4 on top and 2 on bottom), but her gums are getting fatter, promising that new teeth will emerge soon.
~loves Eden almost as much as Mommy, and will even cry to go to her.
~now empties the drawers of the sewing cabinet in addition to the kitchen drawers (where, oh where, did I hide my key?!??? I would LOVE to lock her out of it!), and when I'm trying to put away laundry she will take the clothes out and put them back in the basket
~hates wearing shoes
~loves to unroll toilet paper

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!!  I have a million more things I wish I could write, and pictures on my phone that I will have to rescue later. :)

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