Wednesday, March 12, 2014


There is an old joke about a pastor who went to visit an elderly lady in her home.  He asked her, "Do you think much about the Hereafter?"

She said, "All the time.  I come into the kitchen, and wonder, 'What did I come here after?'"

Tirzah loves to wear dresses, but during the winter it can be cold (and she's also not very modest) so I encourage her to wear pants under her dresses.  Today she was wearing her favorite dress, which is getting a little short.  I told her multiple times to go get pants, but (mommy fail) she didn't obey.  Finally (as it sometimes happens when mommies don't follow through) she got my attention by hurting someone.  I sent her to timeout, but then noticed (again) that she was not wearing pants.  I sent her to her room instead.  I then sort of forgot about it.  Two hours later she emerged in a much better mood, having woken up from a nap. 

Only one problem:  she still wasn't wearing pants.

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