Thursday, March 06, 2014

Spring Chickens

We were engaging in some nerdy-geeky research today.  I have a handful of kids born in March and April, so we are wondering when, if ever, their birthdays will fall on Easter (of course, Mercy's won't ever fall on Easter).  This is what we discovered:

Eden's birthday has never fallen on Easter in her lifetime, but it will when she turns 44, 55, and 66. 

Obi is a little more fortunate--his birthday will fall on Easter when he turns 4 (next year), 15, 26, and 37, but then it won't happen again unless he lives to be 94!

Tirzah's birthday will be the day after Easter this year, but it will be on Easter when she turns 10, 21 (her golden birthday!!), and 43.

Over the next 40 years, the longest we will ever go without celebrating a birthday ON Easter will be 6 years.  We will nearly always be celebrating someone's birthday pretty close to Easter.  You can find the days on which Easter falls here:

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