Saturday, April 19, 2014

April thus far

Instead of multiple posts, here's just one:

Spring, finally?  We had a week of gloriously warm temperatures--including our first high of 70F! It was wonderful.  The kids and I went out and cleaned up the yard.

 Mercy had her first trip down the slide.
 It took a few days, but eventually ALL of the snow and ice melted, even from the shady spots on the lawn.  For a while there, it was a soupy, muddy mess.  We have spots in the yard where we need to sew some grass seed (and pray it grows in).

Mitch heard about a Rubik's Cube competition from his school, so we signed Caleb up.  This past Monday he and I traveled down to Delano, MN, for his first-ever competition.  It was so much fun!

 The best part for me was watching Caleb make friends.  He asked questions and learned a few new tricks.  One kind boy there tried out Caleb's cube (which was quite sticky).  He tossed Caleb his own cube and said, "You can have it.  I have lots at home."  That was pretty awesome! 

Caleb didn't win, but he did well according to my book!  In the first round, he solved 3 cubes in 9:02.  In the second round he solved them in 7:30.  He was thrilled to improve in the 2nd round.  Since we have been home, he has taken apart and oiled his generic cube.  He's been practicing and his best time so far is 1:56.  Whoot!

This past week, on April 16th, we got another storm.  This time we got a little over 8 inches of snow.  It was a record for April 16th.  It also put our total April snowfall up to 12 inches, making it the 4th snowiest April on record.  Ufda.  Spring is on the way again, however.  The snow has almost all melted, and we are expecting nearly 70F again for Resurrection Sunday (Easter).  ::sigh of relief::
This was a really wet, heavy snow to move.  Mitch was home sick because of a major cramp in his neck (it may sound silly, but not being able to turn your head is a pretty major thing, especially when you have to drive to work.  He has all my sympathy!).  I was relieved that a neighbor came and snow blowed our driveway Wednesday evening, so we didn't have much left to push.  That chunky stuff at the bottom of the driveway left by the snow plow was brutal.  Many times I just picked it up with my hands instead of the shovel and threw it.  ;)

A familiar morning dove returning is a great promise.  And while our winter seems to be relentless, we have nothing on Noah and his family, who spent nearly a year shut up in that Ark.

Buried again.

My plants inside are growing well, oblivious to the weather outside!

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