Saturday, April 19, 2014

March in Photos

Yeah, it's April 19th. But I wanted to do this last month, so here it is.

This winter has been hard for me.  This seems to be the constant state of my floor, and it drives me nuts!
::sigh::  God is working on my heart attitudes!!

Of course, these are cute and fun moments:

We bought seeds to start for our garden, but then I couldn't find my planters (Mitch put them in storage).  I waited a couple more weeks before I started improvising.

The kids all had great checkups at the dentist!  No cavities in the 8 older kids (we didn't have Mercy seen yet).  Obadiah was such a big boy laying there and getting his teeth polished.

March 18th brought more snow:

At least it was pretty!

And the temps are now warm enough for me to let Obi play in it!

Sometimes I forget how important these moments are.  Instead of being frustrated that I'm "tied down" on the couch, I chose to relish the moment.

I found a generic Rubik's Cube at Goodwill for $0.99 and gave it to Caleb along with a book that my grandfather had given me.  Caleb memorized the algorithms for solving the cube, and is getting faster and faster.

Tirzah is loving to dress up.  She loves to be a ballerina.

We dissected a fish (perch):
And a frog:
Gross, Micah!

Funny girls!
Eden had my camera one night and took these next few photos:

March 27th it snowed again.  Again, it is beautiful.  But the kids are wondering what happened to spring.  Haha!

I started using any containers I could find to start my seeds.  I decided to try growing radishes indoors.  I started some cilantro, tomatoes, and a pepper.

Eden, who is working at the humane society, adopted a super-cute guinea pig.  Mitch brought home the rabbit from a different classroom one weekend.  They were fast buddies.  My kids were overly thrilled.

Finally the weather warmed enough on March 30th for me to want to use the grill.  The high was 53F, our first time above 50 so far this year.  Caleb and Grandma Karen helped clear a path.  Wow, that jerk chicken was good!

Mercy didn't care that the melting snow was icy cold.  She was SO excited to discover the world beyond the door.  Staying inside has been torture for her ever since she got her first taste of outside.

Tirzah and Obi are whipping up some Mac and Cheese for us!

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