Saturday, April 05, 2014

Obadiah is 3!!!

Oh how fun it was to celebrate with Obi today!

Mrs. E stopped by with a present for her "birthday buddy".  Note that it wasn't two cows.  ;)

{Obi's favorite thing to wear is his Spider-Man pajamas.  They weren't clean, so he didn't wear them today, but I did my best to decorate his cake.  We also didn't have cake for breakfast, but I did have to wake him up from a late nap...and he got to skip in the end, he had it just how he wanted it!  He LOVED his cake.}

 {Mitch said, "Give me 5."  Obi just looked at his hand, then started counting out 3 fingers.  LOL  So they did "high 3's" instead.}

At 3 years old, Obi

~loves Spider-Man
~loves to sing (his new guitar plays and sings two of his favorites--"ABC" and "Pop Goes the Weasel" and a few more I'm sure he will learn)
~is too tall for the size 2 pants I have in his drawer...I hope spring hurries up and comes before I have to find size 3 pants!  He's going through a growth spurt, and has been up at night crying with leg pains.  :(
~is mostly potty trained, staying dry all night long too...just sometimes waits a little TOO long.
~is quite articulate.  He answers questions in complete, often detailed, sentences.
~sleeps in a bed literally right next to our bed.  He doesn't mind if Malachi sleeps with him, but Chi doesn't always want to.  I'm hoping that soon they will be bed buddies.  In some other room.  Haha.
 ~loves to draw
~is a pretty funny guy
~follows his older siblings around and copies everything they do
~is usually pretty easy going, but every now and then gets really grumpy when things aren't going his way.  Then he lets us know.  Like last Sunday--we arrived at church late and didn't get hot chocolate before the service.  It didn't phase him.  As we began to pull out of the parking lot afterward though, he said, "Wait! Mom, we didn't get hot chocolate!"  I tried to explain that they put it all away already.  He wouldn't hear it.  And we heard it.  He screamed and kicked his feet the entire 10-minute drive home.  I have never been so thankful for child restraints (aka car seats).  He and I had a little chat before I unbuckled him once we got in the driveway.
~is a pretty good eater.  He isn't picky about a lot of things, but like most preschoolers sometimes he doesn't eat much and other times he's constantly hungry.  He loves pizza.
~is easy to please, picking out birthday presents for him was a cinch!
~can't wait for warmer weather to play outside--he loves riding bikes and taking walks and just about anything that can be done outside

I'm amazed with how much Obi can do and learns every day.  His energy is boundless.  We love you, Obadiah!

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