Saturday, April 05, 2014

Obi's Birthday

Me to Obi:  It's your birthday, yay!!  What do you want to eat for breakfast?

Obi:  My cake.

The boy should have been born in Germany.  :)

I went away to type this blog post, then tried again.  I got the same answer.

Me:  Mrs. E is going to come by with a surprise for you.

Obi:  Whoa.  Is it two cows?

[I can't stop laughing at this kid!]

Me:  Obi, today is Mrs. E's birthday too.  What will you give her as a present?

Obi:  Um, a lion toy.

Tirzah:  We don't have any lion toys.

Obi:  I want to give her a water bottle.

Me:  But that's my water bottle.

Obi:  Well, right now I can. [While shaking his hips back and forth.]

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Iz wanted to give Tim a lion for his birthday too.
    Happy Birthday Big Boy!