Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tirzah is 5!

We celebrated a much anticipated birthday this week.  Since she has a friend who has already turned five, and three siblings who have had their birthdays recently, Tirzah was counting down the days until her birthday.

 Mrs. E stopped by with a birthday treat for Tirzah.  So fun!

I asked Tirzah how she thought her birthday should go.  She requested decorations, which Eden did.  She also wanted everyone to be wearing dresses.  At the end of the day I was too tired to put on a dress, but we made sure Tirzah looked her best.

Tirzah also requested homemade pizza for her birthday.  I made 6 pizzas: two pepperoni, one cheese, one cheeseburger, one hamburger, and a barbecue chicken.  (The hamburger one is dairy-free for my little daycare boy).

Tirzah requested strawberry cake for her birthday.  I made the mistake of making cupcakes.  She kept asking where her cake was.  Oops!  I thought she wanted cupcakes, and she did, but she wanted cake too.  She had a great attitude about it when I explained to her what happened.  For my daycare kid who must must have dairy-free and shouldn't have a lot of eggs I made cupcakes using my banana bread recipe that I know he can have.  I made a simple butter-cream frosting since he can have butter (just not milk).  They turned out great!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...oh wait, it's not my party...

Mercy threw a full-blown temper tantrum because we wouldn't let her up on the bench when Mitch and I were taking a picture with Tirzah.  Seriously?

Patience brings good things, little Mercy.

I went to bed one night and she was asleep in her room with the light on, wrapped up in her "new" blanket (a garage sale find) and with her new lip gloss set close by also.

At five years old, Tirzah
~wears size 5 or 6 pants, shirts, dresses
~wears size 10 1/2 shoes
~is super excited to start school, and can pass the ear test
{We say that a child is ready to start school when he/she can touch his ear like's just a silly test, but fun for the kids.}
~has a new saying for things that she loves, "It's the bomb!"
~loves to draw
~will spend hours playing by herself with her dolls or barbies
~loves her daycare friends
~likes to sing (right now she especially loves the songs from the movie Frozen, no surprise there)
~eats a pretty good variety of foods
~says words like "school" and "cool" with a nice southern accent
~loves the color pink
~loves to wear dresses or skirts

Tirzah is such a well-rounded, smart five-year-old.  She has a sweet spirit (certainly flawed like all of us, though!) and really is a "Joy".  It is so fun to watch her grow and learn and mature.

We love you, Tirzah, and we're so glad God gave you to us!

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