Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Nicaragua Update

I am humbled and blessed by the donations we have received towards our trip so far.  We learned at the meeting on Sunday that in order to be on track, we should be at about 33% of our goal.  We were right at 20%.  We received a few more response cards in the mail and now we are at 34.67%.  I am so thankful!

I finished my first round of gift bags for sale, and have listed them in my hyena cart store online that I use to sell Pampered Cheeks products.  Here are just a few...

 The bags all come in a variety of sizes.  They are perfect to use instead of wrapping paper or paper gift bags.  They hide the contents of the bag well.  They can be washed, if needed.
 They fold up easily for storage, and take up much less space than paper bags or rolls of wrapping paper.  We used some like these at Christmas time, and we found that having a variety of sizes was perfect.  It was so much faster and better than anything we've ever used. 
If you live locally and would like to buy some bags, you can!  We can arrange for pick-up/drop off, and you can even pay me in person.  If you want to see them before you buy, we can do that too. 

Please stop by and buy a bag...or a  Oh, and also note that the shipping for just one bag is kind of high, but each additional bag is only a small add-on charge.  I will refund shipping over-payments!

Paypal charges me small fee for transactions paid for through my store (2.9% + $0.30), and there may be shipping costs, otherwise ALL of the proceeds from the sale of these bags will go to our missions trip goal.  [Since you are receiving an item in exchange for your donation, and also since I am a business, not a non-profit, any contributions made this way are not tax-deductible.]

We have also been practicing our Spanish.  :)  Eden and I are using Rosetta Stone most frequently.  Micah uses an app on his phone as well as forced drills.  Mitch is also getting drilled by me on a regular basis.  Actually, Mitch probably has the largest vocabulary base of any of us...he says his biggest struggle is stringing together coherent sentences.  I seem to remember well the "mechanics" of Spanish and not as much vocabulary.  I suppose we complement each other.  :)  Something else Eden and I are enjoying is listening to songs in Spanish.  We are listening to "kid songs" like we will sing at VBS, but we have also found some Spanish versions of the worship songs we sing in church.  This is a great way to learn!  Lastly, with resources available like You Version, we have access to Spanish translations of the bible and not only that, but to audio as well.  It is really easy to get exposure in different ways.

Prayer requests:
  • We are still in the fund raising stage.  Please pray that God will provide what we need!  We hope to have all of the money turned in by the end of May.  We are committed to continuing to work towards our goal beyond this date as well, however.  Mitch will be [more] available as a handy-man soon!
  • Pray for continued enthusiasm for learning Spanish.  According to our translator, knowing even just a little Spanish will be a big help.
  • Pray for our preparation.  In the great scheme of things, these 12 days we will be gone seem very small.  What will it matter?  What will it change or accomplish?  Pray for wisdom as we study God's word, missions, and social justice.  And pray for our heart attitudes.  
  • Pray for the church in Nicaragua.  They face the reality of life in one of the poorest countries in Latin America every day.  Their physical and spiritual battles are present today, tomorrow, next month, and will still be present after we return from our trip.

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