Friday, June 20, 2014


We had the joy of spending this week with my mom (Janet) and sister (Jess) and Jess's two girls, Julia and Caroline.  It was so incredible to have them here.  I saw them last year when Mercy and I flew home for Mother's Day.  The last time the whole family went down to their house was in 2010, when Patrick was here and Tirzah was only a year old.  Obi wasn't even conceived yet, so he had never met them.  The last time Janet was up here to visit was in 2003 just after Zeke was born.  So, yeah, it was overdue.  :)

Here are some pictures (sadly, my lens has taken another tumble and I had no idea that the pictures wouldn't turn out so good...clearly I cannot depend on this lens, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do now):

This is the week that Micah and Eden are serving with the church youth group team in our city, called Operation St. Cloud.  We stole them away for about 3 hours yesterday afternoon, though, so they could visit with us too.
 {Eden and Mamaw}

Obi refused to stand in this sad...we will tease him about it 10 years from now.

 {Eden and Julia...on a similar note, I can't stop calling Eden "Jess", lol}
 {Jess and Julia}

 {Mercy was pretty shy, but Jess worked on her lots...she said, "If we were here for a few more days, I'd have her."  I know she would.  Mercy was finally starting to warm up.  Caroline is photobombing us...that girl is too cute!}
 Me and Momma
 Me and Jess
 Julia and me and her real-life minecraft creation, lol.
 Finally, a picture with Obi!
Missing Micah and Eden, but here they are tallest to shortest...We switched Caroline and Tirzah around but they are the same height and the yard is slightly inclined.

While they were here, we enjoyed beautiful weather.  We walked, played games, and just sat around and talked.  Janet made amazing food for us and I ate until I was sick.  :)  Janet has taken several missions trips to South America and she had SO MUCH good advice for us as we prepare for Nicaragua.  It was invaluable. I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend together. We didn't "go and do" but we relaxed and least I did! What a precious time!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Malachi is 7!

Yesterday we marked another year with Malachi.  My how he has grown!

{Moments old}

{1 year}

{2 years}

{3 years}

{4 years}

{5 years}

{6 years}

Now at 7 years old, Malachi
~is going into the 2nd grade
~reads fairly well at his grade level
~has a good memory for learning spelling words
~can add and subtract (we are almost finished with Math-U-See Alpha)
~writes with neat handwriting (print)
~lost three teeth so far, with one more barely hanging in there (please, oh please let that tooth fall out soon!)
 ~is pretty silly
~wears size 6 pants and a size 1 shoe
~loves to cuddle up with me, and often still climbs into my lap (but he's getting really big!)
 ~loves pizza and macaroni and cheese, which he requested for supper
~usually loves any candy or cookies
~does not like fruits or vegetables (I cannot think of any that he eats voluntarily)...oh wait, he still loves mashed potatoes (if you can count a potato as a vegetable, lol)
~does not like chicken
~eats a lot of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches because we are almost always eating something he doesn't like
~does like chili, chili dogs (when we are eating hotdogs), spaghetti, a homemade "hamburger helper" dish that Caleb makes, pizza hotdish, tacos, in other words we can get him to eat ground beef and tomato sauce if it is cooked into something he is used to eating.  Otherwise, I don't know where he would get protein and veggies from!

 ~rides his bike around our neighborhood and over to a friend's house
~loves to play xbox with his brothers
~sleeps with Zeke and Josh (I have given up trying to give the boys their own beds)
~pretty much tries to match Zeke and Josh in just about everything

 ~requested whipped cream (in the can) and chocolate cake for his birthday

We had some fun celebrating Malachi's birthday.  I don't think he did any school all day.  Hurray for a day off!  Grandma Karen and Grandpa Marc were here, as was our friend Ben.  We had pizza, pizza rolls, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli and cheese for supper.  Mercy, ever my late-bloomer, loved the mac and cheese and even ate a little broccoli and cheese (didn't get that from her momma!).  Malachi was happy as a peach when I told him he could have as many pizza rolls as he wanted.  He had so much food he couldn't finish his last piece of pizza.  :)  We had fun taking pictures with him, too (but wow, what is up with my hair???).  He was a ninja when it came time to blow out the candle--he was super fast!  The whipped cream was a big hit around the table.  I got Malachi a Marvel Avengers version of the popular kids game Guess Who.  It is epic.  

Happy Birthday, Malachi!  We are so thankful for you!