Friday, July 25, 2014

Arrived Safely

Hi, Devona here.  I'm one of Steph's friends and the mother of one of the teens on the Nicaragua trip.  She asked me to "contribute" to her blog while they're gone.  Although she told me I could just copy and paste her messages (e-mails) to me, I'll likely add my two-cents' worth...

So...  The team met at church close to 8 a.m.  Each person had a "checked bag" (up to 50 pounds), a "carry-on" (size-restricted as well), and a "personal item" like a (big) purse, backpack, messenger bag, etc.  Josh, our Youth Minister and the team's leader as well, had it pretty organized:  each checked bag was weighed (several times), labeled with a two-colored duct tape "flag", numbered 1 - 24, lined up, then loaded.

Pastor Matthew shared some words and prayed with us.

It took three big vans and a trailer to get everyone down to the airport.  They pulled out around 9 a.m.

I followed them from at home on my computer using the website  (For awhile I also listened in on the Houston airport tower by way of another website - pretty cool.)  Their flight from Minneapolis to Houston was slightly delayed because the plane was delayed getting into Minneapolis from Houston.  Their layover in Houston got even longer as there was an even longer delay.  

I think they were scheduled to leave around 6:30 p.m. but got pushed back to close to 9:30.  Although I wanted to continue monitoring their progress, I went to bed before they took off (I deliver newspapers, so I get up at 3 a.m.).  My husband checked on them occasionally until he went to bed around midnight (our time - that would be 11:00 Nicaragua time) - he said that they were back over land but weren't there yet.

This morning (at 3 a.m., mind you) I woke up to an e-mail from Steph:  

"I think it is like 2am MN time but we made it safely. have to stay in hotel because of late arrival. ready for sleep!" 

and a Facebook post by Josh:  

"After a lot of waiting we finally have arrived in Managua and are checked into a hotel to get some much needed sleep! Thank you for your prayers!"

So that's the latest I know.

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