Thursday, July 03, 2014

Final Update

More pictures...

 Tirzah has a wiggly tooth!  She lost it a couple weeks later...I guess I need to get that "after" picture.  The funny thing was, she actually "lost" it.  She noticed that it wasn't in her mouth any more.  No blood, nothing.  So I think she swallowed it.  :)

 While Micah and Eden were gone at Operation St. Cloud a couple weeks ago, the younger boys really had to step up and fill in as helpers.  Malachi helped me make lunch one day.  :)  Hopefully Eden will get a blog post written about their week at OSC, and I will link it up!

We have some friends who do BMX racing.  My experience with BMX is limited to a video game I used to own for the original Nintendo Game Boy.  Wow, I just dated myself!  Our friends invited Zeke and Josh to come use their bikes and race at the "olympics" night...a free night at the park.  They had so much fun.  I loved watching them.  In fact, I found myself wishing I could take a turn around the track.  Whee!!  So much more fun than a video game!

 Josh used a magnifying glass to burn his name in a piece of wood.  Nice!

 Eden was practicing with my zoom lens and took some pictures of birds.  This one was pretty awesome--you can see the worm in the bird's mouth.

 Last night Malachi got to go have a turn on the track.  He didn't actually race against anyone since it was a "practice" night.  He got many turns around the track, though, and loved it.  He was so excited.

Since we have had so much rain lately, the drainage ponds are much bigger than they should be.  The boys have had fun playing and exploring.  One day they brought home a bucket full of tadpoles.  I thought it would take weeks for them to transform into frogs.  It turns out it only took a few days.  Too keep the tadpoles alive, Zeke switched the water several times a day.

Within a matter of days the frogs grew back legs, then front legs.  One morning we noticed them climbing on the rocks, then within hours their tails were pretty much gone and they were climbing up the walls of the enclosure.  It was crazy how fast it went! 

Sometimes the best learning is not done in textbooks or at prescribed intervals.

One thing I can't find is pictures of the garden.  I'm really puzzled, because I know I took some.  Hmmm.  Oh well, I will get some today!  I planted a couple varieties of tomatoes, sunflowers, cucumbers, peppers, okra, corn, and radishes.  I did find a picture of my first harvest of radishes.  :)  Everything is doing really well, except my tomatoes appear to have a blight (I suspect septoria leaf spot).  I told Mitch that I will not plant tomatoes in this bed again next year.  I know we have had this problem for a couple years now.  So I will have to treat the ground if I want to plant there again.  We want to take this box apart and build narrower boxes anyway, so now I have motivation (I just need new dirt for the tomatoes!).

Oh, I suppose I am going to write at least one more blog post, so this one is not the "final" final post.  In the meantime, I am not alone in being sick.  Caleb has been nursing an earache all week long, taking frequent naps and running a low-grade fever.  The doctor checked him out and says it's swimmer's ear.  He now has some drops but he's still in pain and relying on a steady dose of ibuprofen.  Eden got up this morning and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.  She, too, is running a low-grade fever.  It looks like we may have to make new plans for the 4th of July if these kids don't perk up soon!

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