Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mercy is 15 months old!

Sweet little Mercy.  June was a difficult month for her!  We weaned (and she was not happy about it).  The weather got hot, and brought back her eczema in full fury.  Overall, she has not been a happy toddler, but we still get some smiles and fun out of her.

 Scratching is a constant thing for her.  She scratches her elbows, her neck, her ears, behind her knees.  She has eczema everywhere.  :(

 We have been dog-sitting for a friend of ours a couple days a week, and Mercy adores the dog.  She was enjoying a cupcake, then enjoyed having Moose lick her fingers clean.

 Mercy loves playing with her baby dolls.  One day I found her in the middle of the kitchen floor with several bibs lying all around.  She was trying to get them on her baby.  :)

 While we worked on weaning, we took many, many walks in the stroller as a diversion.  It is now her favorite way to fall asleep.  She does well sleeping at night.  She typically sleeps with Eden, and I keep a baby monitor so I can help Eden out if necessary.  If she wakes, she usually quiets down again within a few minutes.  This is a huge accomplishment since just a month ago she was waking every 2 hours and required nursing to go back to sleep.  She is still not good at self-soothing, but she doesn't have many options since we are not nursing.  The positive side to weaning is that I now feel confident about leaving her at the end of July to go to Nicaragua.  Oh, and let's not forget how much more sane I feel now that I'm getting sleep on a regular basis!

 She is covered head to toe in bumps and eczema.  She has had a little impetigo in some spots.  We had to do 10 days of prednisolone and an antibiotic to get it under control.  We are now using a topical steroid, benadryl as needed, and zyrtec daily.  

 I am trying to make some new cloth diapers.  I think I started them back in May...and I'm still trying.  Mercy is a big "help."

 Eden was putting her down for a nap on Sunday when she noticed that Mercy had some hives around her eye.  She brought her to me and I quickly gave her some benadryl.  It was so scary!  She was not having difficulty breathing, so I just kept an eye on her.  When she woke up later the hives were gone but her eye was still swollen.  I never saw a bug bite, but I suspect that might have been what it was.  With all the eczema and spots all over her body all the time, it's just so hard to tell.  Poor baby.  :(

Overall, I think I feel so sad for Mercy that it's been a hard month.  She wants her momma all the time, and not many other people can console her.  On the positive side, Mercy has become a really good eater.  I am so relieved about that!  She tries lots of new foods, and seems to be eating well.  She has a high motility like Obi did (ie: she poops a LOT, and the food obviously moves through her faster than it should), but I expect that will slow down over the next year as her body matures.  If she had a favorite food I think it would be chicken.  She also loves yogurt, ice cream, cereal, hot dish, veggies, and more.  I am thrilled that she has figured out that food will satisfy her hunger.  She saw the doctor last week and besides the eczema, there are no problems.  She is my smallest baby at 15 months, weighing in at 19 lbs 3 oz, but she is gaining!

Mercy is also very active.  She wants to be in on the action, wherever that is.  She hates it when the big kids are having screen time.  She wants to be following them around, doing whatever they are doing.  She wants to go where they go, and doesn't want to be left out.  She can climb on anything, and she climbs on everything!  We have to watch her closely--in fact, I never imagined I would spend so much of my summer just following her around.  ::grin::  I love it.

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