Monday, July 28, 2014

Nicaragua: July 27th

Steph's overnight e-mail update:

"I can't believe another day is done. We are home late again.  Tomorrow evening we will not have church so maybe we will eat supper at a normal time. 

Today was the 1st day of VBS. There were a lot of kids!  It was chaotic. The story time went so well. The Calvary kids acted out the story. They did a phenomenal job with limited props. It was so cute. I'm impressed with their resourcefulness and flexibility. Tonight during the service one teen (Darris) brought the message. 

Eden seemed to feel better today and warmed up slowly. Anna is still doing well but today was really hot. She has a rash on her ankles so she took Benadryl.  Micah has bad heat rash.  Mitch is warming up and finding his place.  He has been a constant encourager to me.  Anna says she can't believe how loving the kids are. 

(I omitted the details here, but Steph has not been feeling great - not quite been herself.  She let me know that the struggle continues.  I'm praying for her!)

Felt a little homesick tonight during service. Love the team so much though. Thanks for everything."

That's it for now.  :)

Okay, now she sent more...

"Important detail I forgot to mention:  Some kids have school in the a.m. this week and some in the p.m.  So we will do VBS 2 times each day.  I expect it will be even more exhausting.  We hope to teach the church
that they can do this themselves.  Independence is our goal."

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