Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nicaragua: July 28th

"Today we had VBS two times because the kids have school. Some go in the a.m. and some go in the p.m.. At lunch time it started raining and rained a lot. The kids were very flexible. It's amazing to see how the Nicaraguans deal with their living situations. We all got muddy but some much more than others. I wish I could have captured it fully on camera. It's almost too big to take in.
We saw some men building a door by hand. Yesterday he was planing the wood with a hand planer. Today he had stained it and was sanding it. It was so smooth. 

The church did not have a service tonight so we had a small break. We got back to the compound by 5 p.m.instead of 8. The rain brought cooler temperatures and some of us are actually chilly. I checked the weather and was surprised to see the temp was 79F. Most kids guessed that it was cooler than that. We are adjusting. :)
We are staying safe and healthy for the most part. Just scrapes (Andrew Lindsey especially...I think he's going for a record) and a little sunburn (a couple of the boys). One girl was throwing up last night. :( But thankfully she got some rest and slept in this morning and was able to join us by lunch and even eat some.
I still can hardly believe that I'm here. It is an amazing experience. I love speaking Spanish and learn new words constantly.

Tomorrow will be a long day. We will have service in the evening so we will be in the village from 8:30 a.m. until after 7 p.m.. We will be hot and sweaty and tired with not much opportunity to get very clean. There are not enough seats in the church so it is often full with people standing inside and out (praise the Lord for a full church!!).
Please pray that God would soften the hearts of the people that we meet and that they would hear and receive the Gospel."

I'm also praying for Micah, as the heat is affecting him.  And she updated that her concerns for herself are improving but still in need of improvement.

Josh Johnson posted on Facebook:

It's been a busy couple of days but the Lord has been so gracious to us as we seek to serve the people of Santa Elena.
We began our VBS Sunday and had almost 100 kids attend. The day was filled with singing, Bible stories, memorizing verses, tug-of-war, and a clear Gospel presentation. The team is working very well together and has connected with so many new children and families.
Our team has been very involved in the nightly church services. We continue to lead worship, share testimonies, and have even had some students preach. It has been a delight watching the teens do the work of ministry.
Along with the VBS and church services we are working with members of the church and community in construction. We are painting beams for the roof and mixing cement to finish off the walls.
We are adjusting to the heat and very much welcome the afternoon rain showers each day. The days have been long, and the work challenging, but God continues to strengthen us!
We ask for continued prayer for team unity, our sister church, and prayer for the people of Santa Elena. There is a lot of spiritual darkness and apathy in the village. The darkness coupled with extreme poverty makes for a lot of heart-breaking stories. Pray with us that the light of Jesus would break through the darkness and fill families with joy, love, and hope. Pray that many would submit to our Sovereign King, delight in our Merciful Savior, and embrace our Gentle Shepherd!

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