Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nicaragua: July 29th

"Today was tough.  I am short tempered and snappy.  I'm having a hard time thinking of positive things to write. Anna's feet/ankles started to swell.  She and Mitch got to go shopping for food with Carol so they had a little relief from the heat.  Micah's (heat) rash is worse.  The wifi isn't working so I'm typing on the slow Kindle again.  It's after 10 p.m.. I just ate and still need a shower, so this is it for now.  Praying I get my tank refilled overnight."

Amen! I say.

From Steph's last message, I knew they had a long, hard day ahead of them.  Using the WeatherBug app, I've been watching the weather in Managua.  I felt for them as I watched the "real feel" crawl to 99* and up.  I know I couldn't do it without whining and complaining.

They are over the halfway point now.  As far as I know, they have VBS today and tomorrow and that's it.  Not sure what's in store for them on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - in the past, they've done a day or two of "debriefing" and some sight-seeing, touristy stuff.

Their flight leaves early Monday morning.  And, of course, they'll have to be there all the earlier just to do all the everything you have to do to fly nowdays.  That will be a long day too, just a different kind of long - arriving in Minneapolis after 7 p.m. and having to get up to St. Cloud...

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