Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nicaragua: July 30th

"Today was a better day. After I sent last night's e-mail, I began thinking about the last day of VBS (which will be tomorrow (Thursday, or today for those you reading this "hot off the press"), and how it would feel. I expect tearful goodbyes. I was thankful that Tuesday was not our last day. It would be awful to leave on that sour note (that my heart was feeling). Then I also remembered we are not promised tomorrow.  So I began today thinking that if something happened and THIS were our last day, how would my attitude be different?

The team did a really great job of helping keep the kids under control today. It didn't seem as chaotic as yesterday. Though I admit there are a few naughty kids (no way!) and I might have wanted to *swat* a couple (shame). ;) Our translator, Hayley, is a natural teacher (like Mitch) and she uses her gifts sooooo well. Today she had the children quite obedient. We also worked on getting the children to clean up garbage. It can be so frustrating to see them just throw things on the ground. On the other hand there are no garbage cans to be found on a regular basis and most kids don't have pockets either.

Today we gave an alter call and quite a few kids raised their hands to receive repentance and the grace of Christ. The presentation was so good!

The poverty is overwhelming. It is hard enough for me to remember that our visit is temporary, and for Fridat and every day following, the children will go on living in it. :(. I wonder how our teens see this. Our discomfort is so temporary while they must live with it as a constant companion. How can we encourage them?

Tonight we did not have a service at church. We went to a store similar to Sam's Club and had supper (pizza for me!!). There's more to that story but I am running out of time of course.

Tomorrow (Thursday/today) is the last day of VBS and will be our longest, hardest day. Pray hard.

Add me and several others to the list of people with swollen feet/ankles. That is a surprise for me. A rare event. One kid has a scratch in his throat (possibly from swallowing a small bone). His throat is very sore. Heat rashes and a few sunburns to go around...all minor.

We have a few important decisions to make about how to spread around our resources so please be praying for wisdom and good judgement."

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