Thursday, July 03, 2014

Nicaragua Update

It's getting closer to time to travel!!  We leave for Nicaragua 3 weeks from today.  I'm pretty excited.

All four of us have visited the doctor for immunizations and medications.  I still need to go back for my hepatitis shot, but first the doctor is testing my immunity to see if I need both A and B.

We are meeting with the team on a weekly basis.  During these meetings we have a time of Bible study, with particular focus on overcoming cultural differences.  We have been working out the particulars of Vacation Bible School--crafts, games, memory verses, etc.--who is doing what.  Mitch and Eden are working on a team doing crafts.  They will plan what crafts they are doing each day.  We will purchase some supplies and carry them with us.  Other things we will purchase in country.  Micah and I are on a team teaching memory verses.  I was really surprised to learn that Micah had signed up for (or been assigned) this team.  Out of the four of us, he speaks the least Spanish.  In fact, he is not exactly a confident speaker at all.  God doesn't make mistakes, and this just might be the perfect way for Micah to learn some Spanish.  One thing is for sure--those who have gone before told us that we will learn the verses in Spanish as well or better than we know them in English.  I like memory work, and I love Spanish.  I am looking forward to being on this team!  When Mom (Janet) came to visit a couple weeks ago, she brought me some supplies and some great ideas for ministry in the country.  I have my suitcase already stuffed, and I know I'm eventually going to have to make some decisions about what I cannot take with me.  ::grin::  With each week's meetings, I feel like I have more clarity and gain realistic expectations for the trip, and that is helping as I plan.

I have been practicing Spanish every day.  I find it easier to use an app on my phone called Duolingo rather than to make it to the computer to use Rosetta Stone.  Hmmm.  I have put a little effort into learning the Spanish version of Sovereign Grace's song All I Have Is Christ, called Mi Vida Es Cristo.  It is feasible that we could teach this song to the church in Nicaragua.  It is a song we sing regularly in our church, so I think it is neat that we could share the song even though in different languages.

Fundraising is going really well.  The plane tickets cost more than we anticipated, so I upped our thermometer to reflect that.  The amount is very similar to what we wrote in our support letter, but is higher than the $6,000 I originally had on here.  Still, you can see that we are very close to our goal!  $560 to go.

In our support letter Nicaragua was only a portion of our summer missions.  Mitch, Micah, and Eden also participated in Operation St. Cloud.  That is our local missions work, and it took place in June.  I'm waiting for Eden to write a blog post about her experience there, but it may be a day or two before she gets it done since she is feeling sick now.  I know that Micah and Eden both found it a worthwhile and amazing experience.  Mitch didn't put in many hours there, but he was present nearly every day shuttling kids back and forth to the sports camp location.  We praise God for the many things that went well during that week!

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