Thursday, August 28, 2014

Garden 2014

I don't think I'll be harvesting from my garden as long as I was last year (right up until the middle of October). The blight (possibly septoria leaf spot) has got my tomatoes too bad. The kids and I are talking about possibly planting milkweed to attract monarchs next year. :)  Nevertheless, it's been a good year and I'm always happy with what I get from my little garden plot. Next year I will find a new spot for tomatoes.

 Not all my marigolds came up this year, but I think the ones that did were exceptionally beautiful. 

 I have 5 or 6 okra plants and almost enough okra now to fry us up a plate. :)

 I really don't like these wasps, but he was very photogenic! 

 I let two of my radish plants that didn't make radishes (at least not worth eating) go to seed, so I will have seeds for next year. I was thinking how un-ecnomical radishes are--you only get one small radish from each seed. It is pretty neat how these grew little pods all over similar to a pea pod. I'm going to have MANY seeds from the two plants. Now I have to see about harvesting them and when.

 In spite of the blight my tomato plants grew big, beautiful tomatoes. We have had a steady harvest over the past three weeks.

 I was hoping for a dozen ears of corn from my few plants. I think we have 10?

I started only one pepper plant from a seed back this summer. It was a multi-colored pack, and I only had one pot left big enough to start a seed in. I had no idea what color pepper I would end up with, or even if the plant would do well. (Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket!). It turned out to be a fragrant yellow pepper. This little plant far surpassed my expectations and the peppers are perfect on salad. 

I also planted three bush cucumbers. They have produced a few small cucumbers, but not much. I was disappointed. A friend of mine had an over-abundant harvest and shared with us, though, so Mitch has enjoyed trying out several recipes for cucumber salad. It is a delight!

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