Saturday, August 02, 2014

Nicaragua: August 1st

I was disappointed that Steph did not send even a short e-mail update overnight, but today is a sleep-in day, and she DID send one early this morning when she woke up for a potty break.  :)

"Yesterday was a busy day. We drove a good ways and visited the church of a Christian brother here at CNPEN (the compound where we stay). The church has a Christian school that we got to see in session. It was good to catch a vision. We loved seeing the school!

Next we drove to a lake that was down inside a volcano crater. The view was breathtaking. It was great swimming!!

We went shopping at an open air touristy mall.

We couldn't come back until 9 p.m., so we finished the day at Burger King.

Today we sleep in until 8:30. Our first stop is the leprosy hospital. Next we are going to visit some of the historical sites in Managua and have a history lesson."

Later she was able to get a quick snatch of time on the internet, and showed up on Facebook...

"I forgot to say that yesterday we went to the side of a smoking volcano. How could I forget that?!?! It was amazing!"

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